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College campus festivals turning provocative

Posted May. 29, 2013 04:26,   


① Were they Mary and him who went to the motel yesterday?

② Hey Q, I can`t wait. Wet me.

Are these titles of adult movies? No. They were food names of the menu of a bar at a private university campus festival. Among the menus, ① refers to egg rolls and ② dried snacks. All 10 names of the menus are like these.

The menu was a hit on the Internet. Someone posted it online with the title, "Menu of a bar at a university," which garnered explosive clicks. A student who helped make the menu said, "The menu contributed to sales growth."

College campus festivals have begun but are drawing criticism for extreme sexual concepts. Bars at college festivals in the past were to invite professors and friends to share food and to talk, but such warmth has disappeared. A female student said, "In an ivory tower, this is too much. This is embarrassing."

○ Length of a skirt is in inverse proportion to bar sales?

At a campus of a women`s university Friday last week, bars were lined up long around sunset. A few bars at the schoolyard were full of people. They were hosted by students of broadcasting, entertainment and fashion model departments. Students set up a stage in front of their bars and performed dance. With heavy makeup and miniskirts or hot pants, they sat on the chair and opened their legs wide, drawing heated attention. The performance lasted for five hours.

A student of fashion model major said, "Sales increase when skirts are shorter." A male student from other college said, "I came to look for a girlfriend. I heard that there are many pretty girls here." He was looking around for chances.

At another college festival on May 21, female students were serving food at a bar in the campus. They were all dressed in white blouse and black mini skirt. Guests had to sit on the ground, while the girls were serving. Among 17 tables, 14 had only men. Most men said they had no acquaintance with the girls.

Someone said from the back of a freshman who was serving, "I like being served by girls in skirts. The shorter the better." The girl said, "This is usual. I ignore them." Even some guests asked for serving girls to sit together.

○ Talking bars, club-like bars

Some bars are talking bars, which are a place where female workers exchange glasses of wine with male guests. Girl students who opened the bar sit with males guests and have conversation. There is also a bar where a girl student wears a bunny girl suit to attract passing people.

Also popular are bars that adopted the concept of popular clubs in the Hongik University area and southern Seoul. A stage is formed in gym and lighting is also equipped. Compromising scenes are frequently seen there. It is normal to see men and women tangled up together in dancing, and some couples are bold enough to make physical contact.

The problem is that minors including high school students come to the campus bars that don`t really ask for IDs. Teenagers are aware of this and are taking advantage. A female college student said, "I was once perplexed when high school students made offensive jokes at me. Some high school students come wearing school uniforms."

Shin Jong-ho, a professor of education at Seoul National University, said, "The problem is that college students think of campus festivals as a haven. Entertainment culture in campus festivals should be replaced with academic, cultural and experience programs."

(Seo Hyo-jeong, a student at Korea University, contributed in news gathering)