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MissyUSA hacking is another national humiliation

Posted May. 13, 2013 04:05,   


The Internet is spreading unconfirmed information on a Korean American intern who claims former presidential chief spokesman Yoon Chang-jung grabbed her buttocks, such as her name, photo, and her parents’ hometown. It should never be tolerated to unveil a victim’s identity and photo in a sex crime. What does this incident have to do with her parents’ hometown?

Quite recently, the identity and video clips of a woman who accused Park Si-hoo, an actor, for allegedly sexually harassing her were spread via mobile phones. In addition, five prosecutors who saw or leaked the photo of a woman who was sexually harassed by a prosecutor during an investigation were severely punished. A sex crime itself is painful to victims but many Koreans wrongly believe that such incidents are caused by seduction or inappropriate behaviors of victims. Under such circumstances, unveiling the victims’ personal information is like a murder to them, which is as severe sex crime and getting in the way.

Ilgan Best, which hacked “Missy USA,” a website for Korean expats in the U.S. that exposed the Yoon`s incident for the first time, is a website full of garbage. Childish action of some Ilgan Best users cannot be tolerated. Just because their conservative ideology, it is disgraceful and humiliating for the conservatives to stand by Yoon and hack the website that exposed the incident. First of all, Yoon who tarnished the national image and the president’s reputation should be heavily criticized. Sexual harassment and hacking are not an issue of ideology but a matter of common sense and character.