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Beckham: S. Korea`s Teamwork as Good as Germany`s

Posted July. 16, 2010 14:04,   


“I watched all of (South Korea’s) matches at the stadium and I felt as if I was a member.”

Soccer star David Beckham gave this answer nodding his head when asked if he saw the Taegeuk Warriors’ games in the South Africa World Cup. He praised the team, saying, “Korea is a special team that has always shown impressive play in cutthroat competitions. Making it to the second round was a great achievement and glorious victory.”

“In particular, I remember the passion of the Korean players,” he added, lauding their teamwork and comparing it to Germany’s.

On which player he was most impressed with, Beckham hesitated before saying, “It’s hard to pick one,” stressing the team as a whole for its stellar play.

○ Most important in his life

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star also spoke at length about his family. On his wife Victoria, a former member of the now-defunct group Spice Girls, and his three sons, he grew excited and smiled as if satisfied.

He said he vividly remembers the first day he met Victoria at a stadium while playing for United; how he turned red and was too shy to talk to her; the place where they first kissed; and dating her in secret for the first three months.

“The top priority of all of my plans is my wife and three sons,” he said.

○ Hoping to score in 2014 World Cup

On becoming a coach, he said it is too early to say, adding, “I like teaching children but I still want to express my passion as an athlete.”

He also joked that he wants to score the winning goal that gives England the championship at the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

On what word he would use to describe himself, he said "decisive." "I’ve liked this word since I was young. I always stress this to my children," he said.