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Did NK Heir Apparent Accompany Dad to China?

Posted May. 04, 2010 10:58,   


North Korean leader Kim Jong Il might have taken his third son and heir apparent Jong Un on his visit to China.

A source familiar with North Korean issues said Monday, "Kim’s visit to China brings to mind the six-party nuclear talks or economic aid for many people. But he is also taking the succession issue seriously. I heard North Korea informed China that Kim Jong Il will go with his son Jong Un."

"China was informed of Kim’s visit a week ago. Since then, it has prepared for the visit."

The possibility remains, however, that the leader opted not to take his son with him at the last moment.

If Kim Jong Un accompanied his father to China, that could mean the leader`s health is worse than believed, certain experts say. In other words, Kim Jong Il might have grown impatient over succession due to his health problems.

Whether Beijing will say the heir apparent accompanied his father and unveil what he looks like remain unknown. Pyongyang is trying to mystify Kim Jong Un, so even the North Korean people have had no access to his pictures.

Accordingly, China could choose not to anger North Korea by not releasing photos of Kim Jong Un.