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Booze Gets Lotte Giants Player Kicked Off Team

Posted September. 02, 2009 05:02,   


Maligned baseballer Jung Soo-keun, 32, has gotten in trouble with the law again because of alcohol.

Police were called to a bar at Busan’s Haeundae Beach area at 11:45 p.m. Monday where the Busan Lotte Giants leftfielder was drinking. Jung was reportedly in a brawl and swore at waiters without his shirt on.

Yonhap News said Lotte kicked Jung off the team late last night for the latest incident.

Police said they did not charge him because of no physical damage inflicted and the bar owner’s refusal to press charges. The owner said, “Jung Soo-keun was heavily drunk, and I tried to wake him up but he didn’t wake up. When I called the police and returned, he’d called a substitute driver and gone home.”

Jung released a statement through his team denying that anything happened. “I went to the bar but nothing happened. I’m wondering what happened, if anything at all,” he said.

The player has served two prior suspensions for violent behavior while under the influence. His first came in 2004, when he used his bat against people at Haeundae. The second was handed out in July last year, when he was arrested for attacking a janitor and a police officer.

The Giants asked the Korean Baseball Organization June 3 this year to lift his suspension. The league agreed on the condition that he plays the second half of the season only.

Jung returned to the team Aug. 12 for the first time in 393 days, but has gotten himself in a rut again just 19 days afterward.

Lotte manager Jerry Royster, who was at Busan Sajik Stadium for a game versus the visiting Kia Tigers yesterday, said he does not know exactly what happened but that he is concerned about Jung’s career.

Royster also said Jung is no longer on the first team.

Even if he is not charged for brawling at the bar, Jung will likely face punishment again for getting drunk the day before a game. The league is expected to hold a meeting of its disciplinary committee after Lotte submits details of the incident.