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US Security Adviser Downplays N. Korean Threat

Posted May. 29, 2009 06:48,   


U.S. National Security Adviser James Jones said yesterday that North Korea still has “a long way” to go to “weaponize” and work on the delivery of its nuclear missiles before they pose a threat to U.S. security.

He said in a lecture hosted by the think tank Atlantic Council, “The imminent threat posed by North Korea is that of the proliferation of nuclear technologies to other countries and terrorist organizations.”

“It is very serious now, but nothing that the North Koreans did surprised us. What is important at this moment is how we can bring a change of behavior of North Korea specifically.”

He added, “I know the world is focusing on the response of the United States. We will make a decision soon,” indicating Washington will take its own action soon in addition to the U.N. Security Council.

“What is encouraging is the change of opinion of the international community,” he said. “There is a growing consensus that states such as North Korea should not be permitted to have those nuclear capabilities.”

Jones later told The Dong-A Ilbo, “North Korea’s complete abandonment of nuclear weapons remains a goal of U.S. policy that cannot be compromised.”