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Roh’s Funeral Committee to Be Largest in Korean History

Roh’s Funeral Committee to Be Largest in Korean History

Posted May. 28, 2009 02:41,   


The 1,383-member committee for the funeral of former President Roh Moo-hyun is double the size of the 680-strong panel for the 2006 funeral of former President Choi Kyu-hah.

The funeral committee for former President Park Chung-hee had 691 members in 1979.

The Public Administration and Security Ministry yesterday said the larger size of Roh’s funeral committee is due to massive participation by officials who worked for him and reflection of the national atmosphere of mourning. The funeral steering committee, which comprises six people recommended by representatives of Roh’s bereaved family, is also the largest in Korean history.

Prime Minister Han Seung-soo and his predecessor Han Myeong-sook, who served under Roh, will co-chair the funeral committee. Public Administration and Security Minister Lee Dal-gon will head the executive committee and lawyer Moon Jae-in, who served as Roh’s chief of staff, will lead the steering panel.

The funeral committee also consists of 15 vice chairpersons, including National Assembly deputy speakers Lee Yoon-sung and Moon Hee-sang. Former Presidents Kim Dae-jung and Kim Young-sam and other former and incumbent officials are advising the committee.

The members of the executive committee are Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Yu Myung-hwan; Strategy and Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun; Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Yu In-chon; and Korea National Police Agency Commissioner General Kang Hee-rak. Former Finance and Economy Minister Kwon O-kyu and others who served as Cabinet members and aides of Roh are on the steering committee.

The funeral committee will also include 1,296 members of the National Assembly; justices of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court; ministers and vice ministers of the incumbent administration; governors and mayors; and media figures including Dong-A Ilbo President and Publisher Kim Jae-ho.

An official at the Public Administration and Security Ministry said the funeral committee includes those who served as senior officials under the Roh administration and representatives from all walks of life. The official added that there could be minor changes in the member lineup because some of them cannot be reached.

Representatives from Roh’s hometown of Bongha Village will also attend the funeral.