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Serial Killer Wants to Write Book on His Crimes

Posted February. 04, 2009 08:54,   


Serial killer Kang Ho-sun said yesterday that he wants to write a book on his crimes.

A high-ranking police officer in Gyeonggi Province said, “Kang says he wants to write a book about his crimes so that his sons can receive the royalties.”

“After confessing his crimes, Kang talked about a book while expressing his concerns about his two sons. His remark may result in a variety of interpretations. But, I think he only expressed his affection for his children.”

Kang apparently spoke of his book plan for fear that insurance companies could seek to recoup payments of 700 million won (503,235 U.S. dollars) that he received.

He and his first wife had two sons, now 14 and 16. He had raised both of them since 1998 after his divorce.

Police also said Kang has denied setting the fire that killed his fourth wife and mother-in-law in October 2005 to get insurance payments to support for his sons.

He received claims worth a combined 480 million won (345,000 dollars) from four insurance policies registered under the name of his fourth wife.

The suspect is likely to lose most of that amount, however, considering he will face charges of insurance fraud. Insurance companies are set to investigate his claims and the bereaved families of his victims will sue him for damages.

“Given circumstantial evidence, Kang most likely set the fire in 2005 to collect insurance. But he’s strongly denied the allegation. It seems he’s concerned about the livelihood of his two sons,” another police officer said.

“Though he’s a serial killer who killed seven women, he’s still worried about his children, who are de facto orphans now. He wants to financially support his sons by publishing a book about his crimes.”

Kang also declined to send messages to his children.

Lee Yun-ho, a police administration professor at Dongguk University in Seoul, said, “Kang seems to have grown more attached to his sons since he wants to alleviate their psychological pain. He might want to write a book for his children. On the other hand, he also wants to write it because he thinks he’s different from other criminals.”

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