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School Boys Allegedly Sexually Assault Other Boys, Girls

School Boys Allegedly Sexually Assault Other Boys, Girls

Posted May. 01, 2008 07:18,   


10 boys allegedly sexually assaulted three pre-teen girls. The boys were putting into practice what they had watched on the Internet and cable TV.

Some of the young male assailants were first sexually assaulted by other boys. Then the boys, both assailants and victims, sexually assaulted girls. The story is not about teenagers or college students but elementary school children.

▽ Girls’ Parents File Complaint With Police

The case was brought to surface when the parents of girls, who attend a primary school in Daegu City, recently reported the case to the Daegu police.

According to the police report, twelve boys sexually assaulted one of the three victims, only known as A, at a middle school tennis court at around 5 p.m. on March 21.

The other two girls were also sexually harassed by the boys, according to the statement to the police. Yet one girl denies the claim.

A victim was quote as saying, “They did that to five other girls, too.” Based on this statement, the police are expanding the investigation to find whether the total number of victims was eight.

The boys grew up and lived together in the same neighborhood. Some of them are first and second year middle school students. Three of the boys confessed to the crime.

A boy only identified as B reportedly told the police that the middle school boys told them to bring girls, saying that they would teach fun things to the younger boys.

The authorities plan to question the other boys. They will press charges against the middle school students, but release the elementary school students to the parents since they are immune from criminal prosecution due to their age.

The elementary school investigated the case on its own in February and found out that 40 boys were involved. As such, the number of victims and assailants might be greater than currently known.

▽ Copying R-Rated Movies

The boys confessed that they had mimicked what they had seen on the Internet and cable TV.

Most of the boys were latchkey kids and frequently got together to watch R-rated movies on TV or over the Internet.

A teacher at the elementary school, on condition of anonymity, said, “I counseled some of the boys last November. They were caught mimicking sexual activities in school. We discovered that boys in the upper grades frequently forced the boys in the lower grades to engage in lewd behavior.”

“Sometimes, older boys forced the younger ones to act out homosexual activities. If they refused, the younger ones got beaten and bullied,” added the teacher.

The victimized boys, however, later became predators in assaulting the girls. Boys played the dual role of victim and assailant.

Kim, who was the principal at that time, explained, “We thought the boys themselves were victims. That was why we tried to solve the problem through education. We took all the necessary measures, including consultations with parents.”

The Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education plans to launch a probe into the school to see whether the measures taken were adequate.

A civil rights group held a press conference at the educational office, demanding a thorough investigation and follow-up measures to prevent future occurrences.