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"Superman 2008" Features Unusual Romance

Posted January. 22, 2008 07:17,   


“I feel comfortable about my life as an actress. I feel easy about living as an actress and getting older as an actress. I think I will have more to show to people in the future. It’s because I think I could slowly improve and show that much more to people."

Jun Ji-hyun unexpectedly looked comfortable when her new movie "Superman 2008" (to be officially released on January 31) had its debut yesterday, even when the actress is getting all the attention despite there are many prominent participants in the movie. For example, Jeong Yun-cheol, director of "Marathon," made the movie and Hwang Jung-min, one of the most popular actors, is the leading male actor.

Jun is undoubtedly one of the nation’s top actresses. However, she has failed to change her image in "My Sassy Girl," which made her a movie star, and free herself from the title as a CF queen. She is now ready to take on the global market with her another movie "Blood: The Last Vampire," which is based on a Japanese animation film and co-produced by France, Hong Kong and Japan. Before going global, she is now destined to be evaluated by the domestic audience in two years. In this regard, the promotion strategy of "Superman 2008" seemed to focus on Jun Ji-hyun’s aspects as an actress. Much attention has been paid to her efforts to play the role. Entertainment news talked about how she had a bang haircut and was willing to turn herself into a documentary producer with cigarettes in her mouth. That is, in order to show better performances, the actress, who has been putting top priority on healthy life, dared to appear in the movie without makeup and struggled smoking herbal and low tar cigarettes.

She said that even though she first thought, "Everything will be ok only if I have trust in Jung-min," her role in the movie was the toughest one she’s ever had. “While playing the role of a producer named ‘Song Su-jeong,’ I found out that the acting which I have thought very easy were in fact very tough. Say, just a laughing scene was really hard this time."

In the new movie, she was visibly different from herself in the past. There was Song Su-jeong in the actress, not a commercial film queen.

“I think a fate lets an actress participate in a movie as if it forces a person to meet somebody. Of course, I think it was a big fortune for me to work with Hwang Jung-min and Director Jeong. However, I believe that I was destined to play the role. In the beginning, I felt pressured to play in a Korean movie for the first time in a very long time. But, I feel comfortable now since I have high expectations for the movie and that I’m very confident.”

The movie tells us that not only a superman but also anybody can change the world and that anybody can become a superman. Jun Ji-hyun agrees with the message of the movie.

“A few days ago, I went out with a friend of mine. She suddenly realized that she had forgot to give some money to an old lady selling gum on the street and went back home to get her purse. I thought she was a superman. I might have felt like that because of the movie. I want to start from something small which I can handle. Most people think a superman is a person who does a very difficult thing which cannot be done by anyone else. However, I’m sure the movie will change their belief.”