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Education Official Donates 300M Won

Posted December. 31, 2005 06:17,   


Executive director Ha Won-dae (78) of the educational corporation known as the Hansong Foundation made a record donation of 300 million won to help unfortunate neighbors, the highest personal donation ever recorded.

The Community Chest of Korea (CCK) announced on December 30 that Ha Myeong-jun, the executive director’s 51-year-old son, visited the central committee and entrusted 300 million won on his behalf, saying, “Please spend the money helping marginalized and needy neighbors.”

Ha, in charge of Chungryeol Girls’ Middle and High Schools in Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province, donated $50,000 to help Seongdeok Bauman treat leukemia in 1996, and he contributes 20 to 30 million won in scholarship money to students every year by establishing the Hwasan Scholarship. In February, Ha also made a donation of 500 million won to set up a statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin in Hansan Naval Battle Memorial Park.