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Silim-dong Church Nurtures Civil Service Examinees

Posted October. 18, 2005 06:51,   


“Last year, we had 19 successful civil service examination takers for the judicial department. This year, we had 41.”

This is not an advertising slogan for an exam preparation course or a university. It is the record of a church located in Silim-dong, Gwanak-gu, which just happens to also be a good place to go for those who are studying for civil service examinations.

The subject of this topic news is the 200-pyeong "Beautiful Church," located in the basement of a six-story building. A total of 41 out of 1001 successful candidates of the second round of screening of higher civil service examination for the judicial department belong to this church. Moreover, this year`s youngest person to pass the civil service examination for diplomats, two newly certified public accountants and two tax accountants are also from this church.

Founded in 1985 in Silim-dong, it has about 300 people, which is more than half of its congregation, who are studying for higher-level civil service examinations. This factor had contributed this record. However, considering the fact that adjacent big churches with a thousand people taking exams have only produced about 10 successful candidates, this is a very exceptional case.

When asked about their secret, Senior Pastor In Chi-Seung (51) plainly said, "A church should be a resting place for examination candidates, rather than a nursery for successful candidates for examinations. Pastor In said that the church only paid attention to the candidates who are studying hard and did small deeds out of consideration for them. Members of the congregation not only invite examination candidates who cannot visit their hometown during holidays to their houses to share food and offer clothing and other things as gifts, but also visit students in their studying residences and volunteer to be their counselors whenever time allows.

Pastor In said, “What examination candidates need is warm attention. I think voluntary efforts of the church members to support them have brought good results."

Among those who passed civil service examinations at this church, some of them have divided their study time to do volunteer work such as cleaning the streets with church members every week. Kim Jae-hoon (26), who passed the higher civil service examination for the judicial department, said, "Many people at weekly youth group meetings have encouraged me. The fact that the church is open 24 hours and that I can talk to the pastor anytime I am troubled was a big comfort for me."

"I am happy that the number of those who have passed the exams has increased, but what is more important is consoling those who have not passed this time," Pastor In said. "I hope that the church can be a warm resting place where examination candidates can come anytime and rest."