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Defense Ministry May Cut Four or Five Divisions from Homeland Defense Force

Defense Ministry May Cut Four or Five Divisions from Homeland Defense Force

Posted October. 17, 2005 06:38,   


The Ministry of National Defense (MND) is reportedly examining a reduction of four or five divisions out of the 13 total homeland divisions as part of its military reform and military structure reorganization plan for 2020.

The military authority said on October 16 that it is internally investigating the plan to only deploy homeland divisions in eight provinces excluding Jeju Island. If the plan is confirmed, five divisions will be cut. However, it’s not sure how many divisions will be reduced as a plan to cut four divisions is also under consideration.

If the number of homeland divisions, which are in charge of local defense and coastal guard duties, and which are based on homeland reserve forces, is curtailed in its size, a reduction in the number of officers is likely. Four or five general officer posts may be cut, and around 1,500 field-grade officers may be assigned to other units.

In addition, the military is reported to be planning a drastic cut in the numbers of the 12 mobilization divisions under its military restructuring plan.

An official of the military said, “Integrated training and the realization of indemnities for training are necessary in order to make the reserve forces an elite force following the reduction of the homeland divisions,” adding that an estimated of 890 billion won will be needed to implement the above.

The MND plans to cut down the number of reserve forces from the current 3.04 million to 1.5 million personnel in consideration of the establishment of wartime units and the number of people for a homeland defense operation under the defense reform plan.

Sang-Ho Yun ysh1005@donga.com