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2007 College Admission Guidelines Set

Posted August. 30, 2005 06:50,   


When the current 11th graders take the college aptitude tests next year, it will be a week earlier than this year, on November 16, 2006, and the scores will be announced on December 13.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development confirmed the “2007 College Admission Plan” and has decided to announce the details of the plan next March.

Admission Process Timetable –

The 2007 College Aptitude Tests will be held on the third Thursday of November, the 16th, in order to avoid the weekend traffic during the delivery of the test papers 2~3 days prior to the test. The Ministry of Education has decided to allow applications for the early decision process from July 13~23, right after the final exams, in order to prevent disruptions in the high school classrooms.

Each university’s selection criterion and results will be announced July 23~August 31, and registration will be done on September 4 and 5.

Application and selection process for early decision during the second semester will be September 8~ December 12, and they will be announced by December 17. Registration will be done December 18 and 19.

Registration for the regular entrance process is December 21 to 27 (online registration ends December 26), and selection process will be done in groups, “Ga” (December 28∼January 11, 2007), “Na” (January 12~22), “Da” (January 22~February 2).

Cautionary Points and Penalties for Wrongdoing Strengthened-

If accepted by any university, including industrial, technical, and education colleges, through the early decision process, the student must register in one university and cannot apply during regular admissions.

The Ministry of Education made it clear that additional students accepted by universities are “students that are willing to register if accepted additionally,” so that no problems will occur when universities announce additional students during the early decision process. In addition, when caught cheating, the student will be forbidden to take the test for up to two years.

Registration for this year’s college entrance exam starts today. Applications for the exam will be sold and accepted at high schools, city and provincial education offices, and exam district offices until September 14.

In order to prevent cheating during the exams, the picture on the exam application form should be passport size (3.5cm× 4.5cm) with both ears showing and taken in the recent three months. The size of the face in the picture should be 2.5∼3.5cm.

The Ministry of Education said, “The rules for the picture are the same for first-time takers and repeat takers alike.”

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