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North Korea Bans “Hye Gyo” Hairdo

Posted June. 30, 2005 06:27,   


The New York Times reported on June 28 that North Korea has started to ban the “Song Hye- gyo hairdo.” NYT, which ran in-depth coverage of the Winter Sonata and Yon Sama craze in Japan, reported that Hanryu (in the form of Korean dramas and music that has been rising in popularity) has been crossing the border with China to North Korea, leading to an unexpected crack down on the Song Hye-gyo hairdo.

As Korean dramas and music illegally copied in China are smuggled into North Korea, some dramas like “All In” are gaining popularity and the Song Hye-gyo hairstyle is becoming a new fashion trend among North Korean women. As a result, the government has begun cracking down on it, saying, “It is untidy.”

The NYT quoted Lee Young-soo (20), a former North Korean soldier who recently defected through the DMZ to South Korea, as saying that he wanted to come to South Korea in part because of the South Korean dramas he watched while growing up.

The newspaper said that Taiwanese are enthusiastic about the drama “Dae Jang Geum” and its heroine “Lee Young-ae,” following the Japanese craze over “Winter Sonata,” adding that Hanryu is spilling into even Mongolia as well.