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The Punishment Level Drops In Case The Criminal Confesses

The Punishment Level Drops In Case The Criminal Confesses

Posted January. 16, 2005 22:06,   


The Supreme Public Prosecutor`s Office has stated on Sunday that they are looking into the implementation of “plea bargaining,” lowering the level of punishment in case the criminal suspect confesses the crime, and “immunity,” reducing the witness’ crime if the witness testifies against the crime committed by a third person.

For this reason, the Supreme Public Prosecutor`s Office has composed a research team made up of 10 prosecutors to delve into the matter of the subject of crime and the range of discretion under the plea bargaining, the type of sentence and the difference of punishment level through plea bargaining process.

In order to implement such system, the Public Prosecutor is planning not only to consult with the court of justice, but also take opinions from the academic circles and the civil groups.

Once such system is implemented, the Public Prosecutor is expecting the investigation and trial of crimes that have hard time collecting evidence, such as bribery or drugs, to proceed more swiftly and efficiently. However, a wave of criticism is on the rise since it could be pointed out that it is the distortion of “the righteousness of law” if the criminal is charged with a lighter punishment than what he or she should be given by negotiating with the public prosecutors.

The strengthening of “public trial oriented system,” in which the trial is based on statements and evidence stated in front of the court, and the Supreme Court judicial precedent of denying the written evidence if the criminal suspect denies it in front of the court, have served as the momentum for the Public Prosecutor to implement such system.