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UK daily describes Kim Jong Un`s school life in Swiss capital

UK daily describes Kim Jong Un`s school life in Swiss capital

Posted December. 24, 2011 20:37,   


Pak Un, the alias of North Korea`s new leader Kim Jong Un, spoke neither German nor English well. He left school in Bern, Switzerland, even without passing the test on the completion of secondary education.

Kim did, however, perform well in math and was obsessed with basketball and computer games.

The British newspaper Daily Mail Friday described Kim from the time he attended a school in Bern. Quoting his classmate Joao Micaelo of Portugal, the report said Kim began attending the Liebefeld-Steinholzi public school in Bern in 1998 at age 15.

His teacher introduced the boy, who wore Nike trainers, a Chicago Bulls sweatshirt and jeans, as Pak Un, the son of a North Korean diplomat.

Micaelo said, "When the teacher asked a question, Kim was embarrassed and at loss as to what to do, and his English got better but not his German."

The newspaper also said a pornographic magazine was found in Kim`s school bag. Kim seemed more interested in basketball than study, and played after school every day and mimicked Michael Jordan. One day, he brought a 100-pound basketball used by NBA players, fueling envy among his classmates.

Micaelo said, "Kim Jong Un often watched kung fu movies featuring Jackie Chan and mostly listened to North Korea`s national anthem rather than Western music," adding, "There were drinking parties every weekend, and I never saw him drink liquor. He didn`t seem interested in girls either."