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Magazine Calls Kimchi ‘Health Food’

Posted March. 27, 2006 03:09,   


The American monthly magazine Health is calling Korean kimchi one of the world’s five healthiest foods on its website.

Other named healthiest foods include Spain’s olive oil, Greece’s yogurt, lentils from India, and soy foods from Japan.

The magazine said kimchi is loaded with vitamin A, B, and C, that its healthy bacteria, called lactobacilli, help with digestion, and that Koreans eat 40 pounds of it per person each year.

It also added that kimchi is part of a Korean “high-fiber, low-fat,” and that Americans can easily pick it up in Asian markets. One of its recommended kimchi recipes is scrambled eggs with kimchi, diced tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Regarding the other healthiest foods mentioned, the magazine said olive oil protects against heart diseases, yogurt’s benefits include enhanced immunity and stronger bones, lentils provide protein and cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, and soy foods are linked to the prevention of cancer and osteoporosis.