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Sketching of World Cup on 4 June During Korea vs Poland

Posted June. 05, 2002 06:50,   


“Oh∼Pil Seung Korea!.(Undefeatable Korea!)” “Dae∼HanMinKook(Ko~rea).”

All of the citizens throughout Korean provinces were harmonically singing and dancing on 4th June 8:30pm hoping for victorious game with Co-host Korea against Poland.

It was not possible, even to squeeze-in to the supporting crowd at public screen viewing places due to unexpected numbers of supporting crowd. Restaurants, Bars and at homes citizens of Korea have united to corporate in harmony to support Korean Football team.

○… NamKu KwanKyoDong "Cultural World Cup Plaza" Incheon public area viewing area with super-size screen, were packed to thousands of fans an hour before the game actually begun. Also at Inha University student union placed 4x4m multivision where hundreds of students supported the game.

○…Tapdong Square Jaeju, temporally placed super-size screen where 10,000 fans participated to watch and support 4 June Korea vs Poland game. Red Devil members of Jaeju led rooting in harmonious and organised manner.

Ko Kyungsil (Executive officer of Ministry of Culture and Tourism) who lately decided to place public screening equipments, admitted that "I would have never have expected that this many crowd of people will gather to support the game, the match was truly a it truly more then exciting period of time both for myself and the supporters"

○…At National Debt Consolation Park Daegu, 5000 Red Devil supporters (who all weared red t-shirts) gathered an hour in advance to start scheduled street supporting with their choreographed songs and dance. Also at South Gate Square of EXPO area Daejeon, about one thousand fans quickly filled the empty spaces of the square. At World Village in Mansuk Park Chang-An-Ku Suwon KyungKi province there were approximately 10,000 foreign nationals and Koreans Natives to watch the game.

Also at Central Park in Bundang SungNam City, Anyang, Ansan and other numerous cities participated the public viewing services.

○…Korean Electrical Corporation have financed to place a multivision at the port of DoDong UlrengKun Kyung Book where the citizens of UlrengKun have greatly enjoyed public viewing with summer breeze of the port.

At DokDo National guards have also enthusiastically supported the match at their barracks, excluding officers and guards on duty.

○…In Seoul the rush hour begun an hour earlier then it usually begins consequently drivers jammed in ridiculous traffic for three hours from 6pm. Seoul Police have stoped all the incoming traffic around DaeHak Street area from 5pm thus all the working professionals had to commute instead of driving. At SeaJeong Avenue unplanned traffic control begun after 7pm due to unexpected numbers of fans to participate supporting schedule at public viewing places. Moreover, 60,000 supporters gathered at Yeoui-Do Han-riverside park, 40,000 supporters at Sang-Am Seoul football stadium area, 30,000 supporters DaeHak Street area and 20,000 gathered at Olympic Park, hoping eagerly for Korea`s triumph.

○…People at financial district, venture district and at central government complex supported Korean team at work, watching TV or Projectors. During the game they enthusiastically analyzed the game and enjoyed their pint of beer.

○…Numerous restaurants and bars have provided unusual services to customers that day. At a namely Italian restaurant have offered 500cc glass of beer each time Korean team scores. Also at a bar in Walker-Hill Hotel Seoul arranged to place names and numbers of Korean players at each seats and when a player scores the management offered 17 year old Ballentine Scotch Whisky to the customer who sat on the seat that has players name on it.

At CiNe Plus Movie theater from 8:30pm instead of viewing scheduled movie the theater offered to view live football match which audience greatly enjoyed

Seong-Chul Hong sungchul@donga.com