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Red Devil Rooting for National Soccer Team

Posted June. 03, 2002 23:32,   


The Red Devil (Korean Football Supporting Group) is preparing busily for the Korea`s first match against Poland on 4 Jun in BuSan. From June last year approximately 2000 members of Red Devil have continuously purchased the tickets mostly on 3rd class seats (66000 Won per seat) for match against Poland until recently.

200 members of "Red Devil`s" are taking 5 privately hired coaches to BuSan on 3rd June at 10pm to get together at "playing field of Dong Lae Junior High School BuSan" to meet with the rest of the supporting members on the 4th June 4pm.

Hyun Doo Lee (24years old) Director of media & public relation of "Red Devil Association BuSan & DaeGu" is conducting this supporting operation he states, "We are going to hold an introductory session and start Red Devil parade from Dong Lae Junior High to the stadium that approximately will last about half hour from 4th June 4:30pm.

Red Devil will primarily be located in N sector of the stadium that is situated just behind the goal post. The cheering will be conducted in conjunction with about 200 members of KTF (Korea Team Fighting!) Supporting Team that is financially supported by Leading Korean Mobile Telecommunication Corporation, Korea Telecom.

Rooters song "Oh Pil Seung Korea"(Unfailing Victory Korea) or "Dae~HanMinKook" (Korea) will loudly be sang when Korean team is heading towards Polish goal posts but cheering will moderately be soft when Korean is on defence mode during the match.

"Red Devil Association BuSan & DaeGu" have prepared 60mX40m Korean National Flag, numerous Tam-tams`, four to five banners and drop curtains. Individual rooting kit will mainly be scarf with "corea" text on it. They also used other materials to use as a part of supporting method such as Toilet Roll Bomb and paper flowers in previous non-world cup matched but FIFA have strictly banned these materials into the stadium.

For the ones that have not got world cup tickets but still wishes to be part of Red Devil to support Korean Football team "http://www.reddevil.or.kr" will offer you non-stadium supporting schedule throughout Korean province. Red Devil is planning to undertake supporting event at Kwang-Wa-Moon SeaJeong-Ro area, YouiDo Han-Riverside Park and Dae Hak Ro where the majority of super sized public TV screen is placed in Seoul. Also you will be able to meet Red Devil in frount of KunPo City Hall KyoungKi province, National Debt Consolation Park Daegu, HongSung Technical College ChungNam, Tap Dong Square JaeJu Island, Cultural Plaza Inchon, BuSan Main national train station.

Red Devil Association Personnel have expressed that "Due to the fact that we have not planned to place considerable numbers of RD member`s for street parade but I am not worried at all because there will be thousands of people who will join in our street parade"

Hong Jun Kim a member of RD (31years old salary man) said "I am anxious and exited at the same time because result of match against Poland will tell us if Korean team is able to compete well with remaining games to achieve the world`s best 16th of Korea & Japan`s World Cup.

I am spending most of my time nowadays on-line to get up-dated-information of Korean National Football team through home page of Red Devil."

Young-A Soh Min-Hyuk Park sya@donga.com mhpark@donga.com