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LG Uplus launches cloud-based drone control system

Posted November. 22, 2017 08:09,   

Updated November. 22, 2017 08:50


LG Uplus has launched a “Uplus Smart Drone Cloud Drone Control System” that controls drones remotely with a mouse click in a control center. When connected to communication networks, LG Uplus drones can carry out their tasks even in invisible areas and at night without any limitation on distance.

The cloud-based drone control system will allow flight-control style drone-flying by locating them in real time. Unlike drones controlled by a person with a controller, the entire procedure — take-off, flying and return — is autonomous except for entry of a destination.

Until recently, flying drones had been restricted to areas visible from a controller or a monitoring agent in Korea. However, with a special approval on drones implemented on Nov. 10, it is now possible to fly drones during the night or over long distance if safety requirements are met.

Moreover, controllers can check full HD video drones shoot in real time using the LG Uplus sy

stem, whereas a separate device had been needed to save pictures or video clips taken by drones. This new control system expands utilization of drones to various industry sectors, such as disaster monitoring, aerial surveys, logistics and transportation.

LG Uplus is planning to launch various drone services using its control system – parcel deliveries to remote areas, emergency supply deliveries such as medicines, and safety inspections such as monitoring areas vulnerable to disasters. The company will join hands with more than 100 measurement and logistics businesses within the next two or three years, and expand system application to various industrial fields including security, aerial filming and environmental monitoring. The global drone market is expected to grow from 7.5 trillion won in 2014 to 13.5 trillion won in 2023.

“Our drone system is connected to LTE networks and a control system, while others use Wi-Fi to control drones,” said Choi Joo-sik, director of FC Division at LG Uplus. “The cloud drone control system will become a catalyst of an industrial paradigm shift by expanding drones’ utilization to transportation, logistics, security, aerial surveys and safety inspections.

Dong-Jin Shin shine@donga.com