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‘Norht Koreans' saying 'America is enemy’

Posted September. 18, 2017 07:23,   

Updated September. 18, 2017 07:47


In his book entitled “Outcry of the Scorpion” analyzing three successive North Korean regime’s remarks against the U.S. by, Time correspondent in Seoul Kim Sung-hak said, “What they said are almost the same except the dates.” Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il both called South Korea-U.S. joint military drills “preliminary war aimed at launching a preemptive strike at the northern region of the Republic (Korean Peninsula), and war of nuclear test.” Kim Jong Un said, “The ultimate goal is to secure balance of power with the U.S,” which implies the North’s launch of a ballistic missile on Friday should also been seen as statement of his strong belief and commitment.

The documentary “Secret State: A journey into the heart of North Korea,” which CNN filmed during this summer and aired on Saturday, reveals the grave reality of brainwash promoting hospitality towards the U.S. North Korean teenagers regarded the enemy in video games as “Americans.” When asked if they will “shoot the reporter if I were an American,” the children replied “Yes” loudly and unanimously. A resident in Wonsan said, “So satisfying to see the launch of the missiles. Our country is doing for our own defense. Why is the U.S. imposing sanctions?” A female farmer said, “I want to go and visit the U.S. to see what the U.S. looks like and why they distress us.” The CNN reporter’s voice sounded quivering when he said that all the innocent North Koreans had a sense of hostility toward the U.S.

The North is believed to have allowed CNN to film in North Korea to justify its nuclear weapons development by displaying North Koreans’ hostility toward the U.S., while saying that Pyongyang will takes its own my way. The hour-long CNN’s documentary has reminded me Russian director Vitaly Mansky’s saying that humane reaction did not exist in North Korea and Pyongyang was a five-star hotel that kills and afflicts people. He produced the movie “Under the Sun” that reveals Pyongyang residents’ life in 2015

Just as the author of “Outcry of the Scorpion” said, “North Korea’s anti-imperialists and anti-America is like tiger-back riding wherein the North Korean regime will be denied its very existence.” Pyongyang called the Moon Jae-in administration “puppet authority,” saying that the argument of dialogue in parallel with pressure is absurd sophistry. If nuclear weapons and ICBM are put to combat mission, the North will effectively come to complete its final goal of liberation of South Korea forcefully occupied by the American imperialists.