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Kim Jong Un celebrates successful test of hydrogen bomb

Posted September. 11, 2017 07:48,   

Updated September. 11, 2017 08:02

“The great leader (Kim Jong Il) must have been very proud to hear today’s triumph.”

North Korean state-owned newspaper Rodong Sinmun reported on Sunday that Kim Jong Un expressed his keen emotions at the “banquet celebrating the successful launching of the hydrogen bomb” held in Pyeongyang. While the newspaper did not mention the date, the party was likely to be held on Saturday.

At the party participated by the North Korean leadership, Kim praised the efforts made by hydrogen bomb engineers. “Blast sound of the hydrogen bomb is the sound of the glorious victory for North Koreans who spared their sweat and blood during their desperate times," Kim said. “Thanks to solid and independent economic foundation provided by the great leaders (Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il), a great army of brilliant scientists, soldiers and people armed with revolutionary spirit, and the tradition of struggling for self-dependency, the self-reliance revolution will definitely be a victory.”

It is likely that Kim Jong Un left a legacy of his achievements by emphasizing the teachings of his father and grandfather at the banquet, rather than making additional provocations on the Day of the Foundation of the Republic on September 9. Indeed, Kim was focused on “highlighting the hydrogen bomb” by skipping the Banquet for Foundation of the Republic at Okryugwan Palace and attending three events relevant to bomb development, including celebration banquet (Mokrangwan Palace), special performance at People’s Theater and a commemorative photograph at Kumsusan Palace of the Sun. Kim did not directly criticize the South Korean and the U.S. governments.

In-Chan Hwang hic@donga.com