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Chinese newspaper picks kimchi to ridicule South Korea

Posted September. 09, 2017 07:21,   

Updated September. 09, 2017 07:47


China’s state-run English newspaper, the Global Times, on Thursday criticized South Korea for deploying additional THAAD launchers with extremely harsh phrases, saying, “Conservatives in South Korea became stupid after eating kimchi.” If it were Japanese, it would be saying, “They became Bakayaro.”

The Chinese version of Wikipedia explains kimchi as a side dish that normally comes with rice and it has been selected by a U.S. health magazine as one of the five healthiest foods in the world for its low calories and high levels of vitamin. It has been told that the Chinese have not become fond of kimchi as it is too spicy for them. Anyway, it is still totally absurd and illogical thinking to bash South Koreans that South Koreans became foolish after eating kimchi, only because they don’t like it, while kimchi is a quite healthy option to go for in reality. This kind of affront to South Koreans has often come from Japan's far right-leaning Sankei Shimbun newspaper.

Kimchi is not only enjoyed by conservatives in South Korea. All South Koreans eat kimchi, not to mention left-leaning liberals or China-friendly apostates who have been blaming the deployment of THAAD in South Korea. If the Chinese foreign media outlet had been trying to single out South Korean conservatives only to blame, it could not be more irrelevant to relate them to kimchi. In the end, the Chinese writer has insulted all South Koreans and failed to blame its intended target.

The Chinese say it is difficult to pretend to be stupid. You can only act as a fool when you have a disinterested attitude. If China continues to bash South Korea, it will be more difficult for South Korea to keep staying disinterested. It seems that China will only recover its senses after South Korea makes itself clear that it will develop a nuclear weapon. However, though 60 percent of South Koreans support building own nuclear weapons according to the Gallup poll on Friday, South Korea remains overly cautious about a strategic nuclear weapon, let alone nuclear armament. How can it be more disinterested?