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U.S. defense secretary warns N. Korea of ‘total annihilation'

U.S. defense secretary warns N. Korea of ‘total annihilation'

Posted September. 05, 2017 08:50,   

Updated September. 05, 2017 09:06

The U.S. warned of a "total annihilation" against North Korea, which pressed ahead with its sixth nuclear test on Sunday (local time). This is an unprecedented military threat from the U.S. directed towards Pyongyang, which claims to have carried a successful nuclear test and reached the final stages of developing nuclear weapons. In spite of the warning, the North is reported to be preparing to launch additional provocations by firing more inter-continental ballistic missiles and conducting yet another nuclear test, with the tensions surrounding the Korean peninsula escalating to a new height.

We are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely North Korea. But we have many options to do so,” said U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis during a national security council convened at the White House. This marks the first time that Secretary Mattis has used such as a strong word as "annihilation" in mentioning military measures against North Korea, meaning that the U.S. is preparing a full-blown military attack to wipe out the Kim Jung Un regime in the event that it should cross the red line.


In the council, U.S. President Donald Trump was briefed on all military options available and reviewed the military’s defense readiness. “We’ll see,” answered President Trump when asked if he would take military actions against the North.


Reportedly, Pyongyang is preparing for an additional launch of ICBM, following upon the sixth nuclear test. In a meeting at the National Assembly on Monday, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said, “The preparations of an additional firing of ballistic missiles are being continuously identified.” The Defense Ministry said that it was in the process of consultations on deployment of strategic assets.

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