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Singer Jeon In-kwon attacked for comments on a presidential candidate

Singer Jeon In-kwon attacked for comments on a presidential candidate

Posted April. 20, 2017 07:07,   

Updated April. 20, 2017 07:13


Jeon In-kwon, former member of Korea's rock band "Deulgukhwa," meaning wild chrysanthemum, came to be broadly known to young people thanks to a TV drama called "Reply 1988." One of the drama's songs "Do Not Worry" sang by singer Lee Jeok is a remake of Jeon's. Jeon was also previously invited to a candlelight rally held in central Seoul urging President Park Geun-hye to step down, where he sang "March for the Beloved" with his unique rock style. People who listened to his song could symphonize with grass-roots activist songs in universities in the 1980s. A kind of harmonious arrangement exists in his voice.

At a press conference for concert promotion Tuesday, Jeon said, "Ahn Cheol-soo is a perfectionist like Steve Jobs. While it is difficult to share grounds on issues with these kinds of people, they are never bad people. I hope our new president is a person who is transparent." His comments stirred controversy among supporters of Moon Jae-in, who said Jeon was an ill-oriented force. Jeon then explained that he was not supporting Ahn. However, Moon supporters continued to criticize him threatening that they will cancel tickets for his concert. Moon is the leading president candidate and former leader of main opposition Democratic Party, while Ahn is his top contender and from more centrist People's Party.

With Moon having entered the official president election campaign, he is calling for public integration instead of pushing for his previous slogan of putting an end to past ills. Perhaps his real intention can be read from his words "(supporters') messages are a sweetening." Nevertheless, I do not want to consider Moon is trying to encourage the behavior of "You are either with us, or against us." One of my concerns is that he's not encouraging that behavior but he can't also control it. Moon could be backed up by his supporters who are urging the end of past ills.

Former East Germany monitored even rock singers. Rock is a symbol of freedom and resistance. If rock singers cannot freely express their thoughts and feelings, our country is no different from former East Germany. Jeon's concert planning firm said, "There are more cancellations than normal," but added "New ticket buying has been increasing though not enough to offset cancellations." One might want to go and see Jeon's concert to cheer for his sense of freedom. Jeon's concert will be held on May 5 and 6 at Sejong Center for Performing Arts.