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Nasty tongue: DNA of politician

Posted September. 12, 2013 07:11,   


Rep. Lee Sang-bae of the then leading Grand National Party (now Saenuri Party) said at a party meeting in June 2003 that the late former President Roh Moo-hyun`s Japan visit diplomacy is one of the disgrace of Korean foreign policy history, calling it "idiot diplomacy." Reporters attending the meeting could not believe their ear. The main opposition Democratic Party boycotted its National Assembly schedule. Rep. Lee apologized and things normalized, but this doesn`t rough words disappear. Two months later, Grand National Party Rep. Kim Byung-ho and Park Ju-cheon gave a nonsense quiz: What do President Roh and frogs have in common? The answer was: "Danger past. God forgotten." "The damn mongrel never stops barking," and "He looks just like a frog."

Things have been changed for 10 years since then. The Democratic United Party is now pouring rough words on President Park Geun-hye. Some of them include Rep. Hong Ihk-pyo referring to President Park as "gwitae (baby born to a ghost)," Rep. Jung Chung-rae calling her "changed child," Rep. Lee hae-chan calling her "You" and Rep. Lee Jong-kul calling her "bitch." Ten years is an epoch, but the political sector is mired in the same old abnormal.

Politicians` blunt words have changed the election landscape. At the regional election in 1998, then leading party`s Rep. Kim Hong-shin said, "President Kim Dae-jung lies so much that his mouth should sewed with a sewing machine." At last year`s general election, then Democratic United Party candidate Kim Yong-min said, "Let`s rape and kill Rice (former U.S. Secretary of State)," ushering supporters of opposition party candidate to voting places. Politicians have a tongue for trying to front, and there is even a joke that politicians` brains are the most expensive among human beings because they don`t ever use them.

The Dong-A Ilbo analyzed the minutes of the 19th National Assembly and found that Rep. Seo Young-kyo of the Democratic Party ranked No. 1 in nasty tongue. He talked down to people. Saying generous words are having people make slight of others these days. But rough words come after rough words. People manage their lives with words that come out of their mouth.