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Hot Blood

Posted November. 03, 2006 03:01,   


“Give your mother a call after watching this movie.”

So said the actor Seol Kyung-gu at the premiere of the movie ‘Hot Blood’ (opens November 9, 15 and over). After watching the movie, his words were understandable.

The delinquent Jae-moon (Seol Kyung-gu) goes to Bulgyo in South Jeolla province with Chi-guk (Cho Han-sun) to avenge the death of a gang member. Having visited the eatery operated by Jum-shim (Na Moon-hee), the mother of Dae-shik, whom he plans to avenge, Jae-moon feels a mother’s love from Jum-shim and begins to experience conflict. Rumored to be ‘the best in the Korean film industry this year,’ the scenario was made into a movie complete with the heartfelt performance of the three actors. We met Seol Kyung-gu after the preview. Naturally the topic of ‘mother’ came first.

“I’m not a good son. I’m blunt and taciturn. It’s natural for kids to cause heartbreaks, and the mother figure of Na Mun-hee in the movie is not an individual mother but ‘the mother of the world.’ My mom? When I went to the army in the summer, my mother bought ice-creams whenever she saw someone in a military suit. They all seemed like her children. Mothers are like that.”

Jae-moon’s blunt words to Jum-shim, “Give me food,” reflect the appearance of a typical Korean son. Like the lyrics of Shim Soo-bong’s ‘A Million Roses,’ the main theme of the movie, Jum-shim is a typical mother who gives love unconditionally. Seol Kyung-gu said that the song “has moving lyrics” and even considering that it is an outdated, outmoded song, it reaches into the soul during this movie.

His acting did not fail to impress. The evil glitter in his eyes and his sly comedy; his expression when spewing forth profanities while keeping back his tears are all impressionable. In the scene with Na Moon-hee in particular, the power of the two actors overwhelms the audience.

“Na Moon-hee always works with the attitude of a newbie. She practices hard. She doesn’t act unless she’s perfectly ready. As for me I don’t study the words much. I look at the script almost always on the set. When someone asks who I set as a model or observe, I am at a loss for words. It seems as if I don’t work hard if I say ‘no one.’ But I think that feelings are more important than words.” Though the two actors have completely different styles, no one will disagree with their methods.

He is infatuated with Jae-moon in the movie. In the story, Jum-shim buys Jae-moon a flower print shirt. “Jae-moon never received anything like that. He complains, but imagine how happy he must have been. I personally felt that Na Moon-hee said, ‘what made you so sorrowful’ was the most memorable. He’s a bad guy. But think how much he must have struggled in life. How sorrowful he must have been.”

The movie was shot in ten country villages from South Chungcheong province South Jeolla province. “In Chugcheong province, one villager asked ‘what’s the title of the movie?’ and I answered, ‘Yeolhyulnama (Hot Blood)’. Guess what he said.” The answer was this. “Hmm… (after five seconds) You mean, ten days left (*Yeolhyulnama sounds similar to Yeolhulnama, or ‘ten days left’)?”