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Singers to hold relay performances at Hakjeon, Daehakro

Posted November. 18, 2023 08:56,   

Updated November. 18, 2023 08:56


Upon learning that Hakjeon in Daehakro, Seoul, a symbol of Korea’s small theater culture, is at risk of closing in March next year, several singers have stepped forward to support. From Feb. 28 to March 14 next year, a relay of performances by singers Park Hak-ki, Zoo, Yoon Do-hyun, and Lee Eun-mi will take place at the venue, with all artists graciously waiving their appearance fees.

On Friday, Hakjeon announced a relay concert featuring ‘singers who love Hakjeon.’ Additionally, members Ha Deok-gyu and Ham Chun-ho from the Poet and Village Chief will share the stage for the first time in 24 years. This special concert is slated to serve as the culminating event for the theater. “We are actively coordinating the number of participants and the precise schedule," said Kim Seong-min, the head of the administration team.

Established in 1991, Hakjeon has stood as a symbolic venue representing the performance culture of Daehakro. CEO Kim Min-ki, renowned for composing hits like ‘Morning Dew’ and ‘Evergreen Tree,’ adapted the original work from Germany’s Grips Theater Company Volker Ludwig to resonate with Korea’s context. Notably, under his direction, the premiere of ‘Subway Line 1’ in 1994 is regarded as a landmark moment in the history of musicals. Hakjeon has been cherished as a space for theatrical productions and an intimate concert venue for singers.

Artists including Zoo, Wild Chrysanthemum, Ahn Chi-hwan, and Yoo Jae-ha have graced its stage, and the late Kim Gwang-seok even held a performance commemorating the 10th anniversary of his debut. Unfortunately, facing management challenges and CEO Kim’s health issues, it is set to conclude its operations on March 15 next year, coinciding with the 33rd anniversary of its opening.