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All Koreans are crying with the bereaved families

Posted April. 21, 2014 05:24,   


They went on a field trip to Jeju Island and have not returned home for almost a week. Where are they who should have come back to their parents and talked about their fond memories with their classmates? The parents of missing students at Danwon High School in Ansan who were aboard the Sewol ferry are agonizing.

A faint hope is changing into a deep sorrow as time passes. The families’ cries echoed the city of Ansan in Gyeonggi Province and the Paengmok Harbor in Jindo county of Jeolla Province. The funerals for students who were found dead were first held in Ansan on Sunday. The coffin of Jang Jin-yong, a student, left for the burial site at 5 a.m., followed by those of Ahn Jun-hyuk, a student, and Nam Yoon-cheol and Kim Cho-won, two teachers.

The Paengmok Harbor was also covered by sobbing parents who confirmed their child’s death starting from Sunday morning. The coast guard vessels carried 13 bodies on Sunday after overnight rescue efforts, including three bodies that divers collected from the ship after breaking a window of the passenger section on Saturday afternoon. These bodies were retrieved from the sunken vessel after the joint rescue team entered the ship for the first time since the accident.

According to the coast guard, the rescue team created five entry routes and can now get into the ship fast. With the retrieval of bodies starting on the fourth day of the accident, the death toll is on the rise steadily. The government declared Ansan City and Jindo County where the ship sank as the “special disaster zones.” Various measures must be taken promptly.

Parents get choked before the dead body of their children who were deprived of the most beautiful and pure time of their life. They have to live on thinking about their children who will never come back home. Now, all Koreans are shedding tears with them.