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‘Roh Collected Gov’t Documents in Dec. Last Year’

Posted July. 15, 2008 07:52,   


Former President Roh Moo-hyun collected in December last year documents from each ministry that the presidential office did not have in computer files, a government official said yesterday.

Roh also ordered ministries to submit non-electronic documents to the presidential office in file format.

“As far as I know, former President Roh in December last year concentrated on gathering various documents from government ministries that Cheong Wa Dae (the presidential office) had yet to secure at the time,” the official said.

“The task force launched for this purpose asked each ministry to send their documents to Cheong Wa Dae via computer file.”

“For non-electronic documents, (the task force) asked the ministries to type them in a given file format before submitting,” the official added. “Because of this, each ministry was busy sorting through a variety of important documents in December.”

Sources also said Roh had not decided what to do with the collected documents by January this year after Lee Myung-bak’s election as president.

“If I put together what the people who worked for the task force said, former President Roh apparently was unable to adopt a policy on handling the documents even in mid-January,” said a source at the presidential official.

“I believe discussions at the time were held on whether to hand over the documents to the Lee administration, whether to send all relevant information to the National Archive and Records Service, or send only selected information.”

The presidential office said Roh purchased a separate “e-support system” under a borrowed name Jan. 18, brought the system to the presidential office, installed it Jan. 25, and took out the records in mid-February over five days.