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The Critical 49 Votes

Posted July. 04, 2007 03:43,   


Pyeongchang must receive a minimum of 49 votes in order to secure its bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) held a press conference yesterday at the Main Press Center of the Westin Camino Real Hotel in Guatemala City. It was reported that of all the IOC members, five will not take part in the vote.

IOC members Prince Nawaf Faizal Fahd Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, Princess Nora of Liechtenstein, New Zealand’s Barbara Kendall, India’s Randhir Singh, and Pernilla Wiberg of Sweden stated personal reasons for their absence.

Voting will commence on July 5 at 6:30 in the morning. The 14 IOC members who are not participating in the vote include IOC President Jacques Rogge, the 8 members of the bidding cities, and the 5 who are not present. This leaves 97 eligible voters of the 111 IOC members. By continent, the voting body consists of 39 members from Europe, 19 from Africa, 18 from the Americas, 17 from Asia, and 4 from Oceania.

The IOC members from the bidding cities are Lee Kun-hee and Park Yong-sung from Korea; Russia’s Vitaly Smirnov, Shamil Tarpishchev, and Aleksandr Popov; Leo Warner from Austria; Thomas Bach and Walther Troger from Germany, who are providing the skeleton ice run in Salzburg.

In the first round of votes, in the case that no city receives a minimum of 49 votes, the candidate city with the least votes will be eliminated and the rest will be voted on again. The IOC member of the first eliminated city may participate in the second voting round. In the event of a draw, IOC president Jacques Rogge will have the tie-breaking vote.