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Nations Waiting for Kim’s Next Move

Posted October. 23, 2006 07:01,   


After North Korea’s nuclear test, the diplomacy of making a round of visits to adjust sanctions against North Korea of the United States and China was completed on October 22. However, according to China’s report that North Korea expressed its intent to attend the six-party talks and to follow denuclearization, there are hopes and doubts from each country, thereby inducing confusions for diplomatic policy toward North Korea.

Kyodo News reported on October 22 that Kim Jong Il met Tang Jiaxuan, a Chinese state councilor, who visited Pyongyang as a special envoy of President Hu Jintao on October 19, and Kim showed his intent to carry out the 1992 South-North Korea denuclearization agreement.

According to the Japanese news agency, Kim said, “It is Kim Il Sung’s dying instruction to aim at denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”

Moreover, Kim did not clearly cite whether he will attend the six-nation conference or not, but saying, “I will keep watching how the U.S reacts.” Kyodo News adds that Kim requested America to dismiss financial sanctions against the North as a condition for their returning to the six-party talks.

The Chinese government reported to the countries of the six-party talks on October 21, quoting Kim’s such comments, that North Korea is not planning an additional nuclear test.

However, the U.S. and Japan will perform strong sanctions against North Korea as they judged the North hasn’t changed their basic attitude.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had an interview with CNN on October 21, saying, “I never received any suggestion such as North Korea’s return to the six-party talks (from Tang Jiaxuan).”

Rice added, “If North Korea proceeds with another nuclear test, there would be more comprehensive sanctions against them.”

According to a Korean government official, Japan reportedly decided to propose new resolution on sanctions to UN Security Council which aims at complete prohibition of imported goods from North Korea if the North has additional nuclear test or missile test.

Meanwhile, Korean government takes a prudent attitude with a hope of the possibility that North Korea might change its stance.

Government authorities anticipate that the North would not carry out the second nuclear test in the immediate days, judging from the fact that they held a big celebration for their successful nuclear test on October 20, the day after Kim Jong Il and Tang Jiaxuan had a meeting.