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Quotations of the day

Posted February. 06, 2001 21:11,   


I don`t agree with your opinion, but I will defend your right to express it. (Opposition Grand National Party (GNP) president Lee Hoi-Chang in his party`s keynote speech at the National Assembly plenary session Tuesday, quoting the French philosopher Voltaire. Lee said that freedom of the press is like fragile glassware)

It is doubtful that the people will put confidence in the opposition party, which makes valid points but is highly incompetent on the political front. (Kim Chull, spokesman of the splinter Democratic People`s Party, Tuesday, in his comment on GNP leader Lee`s speech delivered at the Assembly session)

I let the employees eat first. (The proprietor of a beef-rib stew restaurant in Seoul, Tuesday, complaining that his business is facing difficulties due to customers` fears of mad cow disease)

We`ll let them retire and reduce promotions and recruitment. (Moon Dong-Myung, planning-management bureau director of the Defense Ministry, Tuesday, in his briefing on his ministry`s plans to cut senior officers)