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Women’s university sets ‘dress rules’ to prevent sensual ad ahead of festival

Women’s university sets ‘dress rules’ to prevent sensual ad ahead of festival

Posted September. 24, 2014 02:19,   


“A cup of beverage offered for free, if you bring candies handed out by Maid ♥”

A woman clad in maid’s attire, coupled with this announcement, appears in a poster for the department of crafts art promoting Cheongpa Festival, a school feast of Sookmyung Women’s University. The woman whose lips are colored with red lipstick, wears apron, and reveals black panties, with her hips heading up.

Sookmyung Women’s University is agonizing over sensual promotional activities conducted by students ahead of Cheongpa Festival, which takes place for three days from Thursday. The university’s student council set "dress rules for the 2014 Cheongpa Festival" suggesting that students are not allowed to wear during the festival. The tops subject to sanctions include apparels displaying breast lines, mesh or see-through fashion, and crop T-shirts that reveal skin when the wearer raises her hands. As for skirt, one is not allowed to wear skirt without wearing inner pants, or one revealing more than 50 percent of the thigh.

Uniforms that could cause sensual feels and advertisements using lascivious words or contents are also banned. Disciplinary actions suggested include a provision suggesting “(When one is in violation), staff of the festival or the head of college student councils in their capacity could determine wither to impose a fine to her.’

As sexual posters continued to circulate online despite such measures nonetheless, a source at the university said on Monday, “The poster was only a mockup that was uploaded on the Facebook page by a student who sought to gather students’ opinion,” adding, “Most students are working hard to create a sound festival culture.” The source added, “The student who created the poster has deleted the poster from the Facebook page.”