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Kerry says US ready to sign non-aggression treaty with N. Korea

Kerry says US ready to sign non-aggression treaty with N. Korea

Posted October. 05, 2013 07:27,   


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that Washington is poised to have dialogue with North Korea and sign a non-aggression treaty with the communist state if Pyongyang is engaged in sincere dialogue with theU.S. for its efforts toward denuclearization.

He countered Pyongyang`s claim that it could not abandon its nuclear development because Washington`s "hostile policy" toward Pyongyang, suggesting that the U.S. is ready to make a non-aggression pledge if the North certainly shows its commitment for denuclearization. It is unusual for a senior U.S. official to mention non-aggression toward the North. However, diplomatic authorities in Seoul and Washington say that Kerry`s remarks are focused on Pyongyang`s denuclearization.

Kerry mentioned "non-aggression" on the condition that members of the six-party talks on the North`s denuclerization made the point clear. The September 19 inter-Korean joint summit statement says that Seoul and Pyongyang had confirmed the U.S. did not have any nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula and had no intention to invade the North with nuclear or non-conventional methods.

He draw a clear line, however, noting that Washington would no longer let the vicious circle of negotiations in which Washington keeps making concessions and Pyongyang continues its nuclear program. He suggested that Washington would not respond to Pyongyang`s calls for the "unconditional resumption" of the six-party talks.