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Big strike erupts at Korean plant in Guangzhou: HK daily

Big strike erupts at Korean plant in Guangzhou: HK daily

Posted June. 24, 2011 00:09,   


“Anger can no longer be suppressed.”

A Hong Kong newspaper has reported a strike at a handbag manufacturer in Guangzhou of China`s Guangdong Province run by a Korean under the headline, “Anger can be no longer suppressed.”

A company source denied the report in a phone interview with The Dong-A Ilbo Thursday, however, calling it "very malicious.”

The South China Morning Post said more than 4,000 workers at the factory went on strike Monday demanding a wage increase and improvement of labor conditions. They claimed that at least two workers were assaulted by security staff.

One worker from Hunan Province who asked to stay anonymous said, “We receive 1,900 yuan (293 dollars) in monthly pay for working 12 hours a day, including four hours of overtime, but the company deducts 200 yuan (30.92 dollars) for social insurance and 100 yuan (15.46 dollars) for meals,” adding, “Meals are like garbage.”

Another worker from Chongqing said, “Korean managers treat us like animals,” adding, “Korean male managers enter women’s rooms as they please.”

The factory manufactures handbags and its headquarters is in Korea. Women account for 80 percent of the workers and most of them are from inland provinces in China.

Company sources deny the report with staff both at headquarters and the factory saying most of the report is false and that the company is devising solutions to the problem.

A person in charge of the factory said, “Labor conditions of the factory have been inspected by American buyers,” adding, “How could we supply goods if labor conditions were poor?”

A source at the Korean consulate in Guangzhou said, “The conflict seems to be settling down,” adding, “We will visit the factory to find the truth behind the incident.”