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Trump’s fleet: Air Force One, Marine One, Cadillac One

Trump’s fleet: Air Force One, Marine One, Cadillac One

Posted November. 11, 2017 07:53,   

Updated November. 11, 2017 08:17


Special vehicles of transportation for ironclad guard have entered Korea with Trump’s visit: Air Force One, Marine One and Cadillac One, the official state aircraft and car of the President of the United States.

Air Force One, which is comprised of two Boeing VC-25As that are specifically customized Boeing 747-200B aircraft, is the official air traffic control call sign for an aircraft carrying the President of the United States. It should always be accompanied with other aircraft in midair, and is designed to resist electromagnetic shocks possibly caused from the explosion of nuclear weapons. Boasting the maximum speed of around 1,013 km/h, the jet can fly approximately 13,000 kilometers nonstop once fueled. As refueling in mid-air is also possible, it can continue to fly for more than a week in the sky. Moreover, in the face of the imminent threats of a war or terrorist attacks on the ground, the president makes commands on board Air Force One, hence the nickname “White House in the Sky.” It is also equipped with 85 telephone lines, 19 televisions and high-speed Internet.

Meanwhile, Marine One is the call sign of a helicopter carrying U.S. president. The U.S. Marine Corps operates the SH-3 Sea King or VH-60N White Hawk helicopters as Marine One. With the top speed of 240 km/h, the aircraft has three engines, which allows it to prevent from falling even in the case when one engine becomes subject to an attack and fails. The helicopter includes a defense system to ward off anti-aircraft missiles, and is thoroughly soundproof, eliminating any need to raise a voice to talk on board while allowing smooth communication with the White House and Pentagon.

Yet, what has been most captured by cameras during Trump’s visit to Asia is Cadillac One, the U.S. presidential state car also known as “The Beast,” which brags a massive size and extensive defense measures. There are the total of twelve copies of the state car, and they are parked in the basement of the Secret Service’s headquarters when not used. Ahead of the president’s overseas trips, the car should be sent beforehand to visiting countries. For Trump’s trip to Korea this week, Cadillac One entered the Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province two days prior to his visit.

With its body made of titanium, ceramic and other materials to defend against bombing attacks, the car has a 20-centimenter-thick doors and bulletproof glasses that are 13 centimeters thick. Also, the entire passenger cabin can be sealed off in response to a chemical attack while oxygen tanks and blood packs in the president’s blood type are always prepared in the trunk. Communication capabilities are also not deterred by outside attacks as satellite phones are installed inside the car, allowing communication with the vice president and Pentagon. The 15 million-dollar (around 16.8 billion won) Cadillac limo currently used by President Trump is what his predecessor Barack Obama had used. A new Cadillac One will be produced early next year.