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Threats cannot conceal fear

Posted September. 27, 2017 07:52,   

Updated September. 27, 2017 08:30


After the United States dispatched Saturday its B-1B Lancer strategic bombers to the north of the Northern Limit Line over the east coast, North Korea is threatening to shoot down American bombers, citing the right of self-defense. “Since the United States declared war on our country, we have every right to make counter-measures, including the right to shoot down U.S. strategic bombers even when they are not yet inside the airspace border of our country,” said North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho on his way back home after the annual UN General Assembly. In response, the Pentagon replied that it will explore all possible military options including armed protests.

North Korea was helpless, however, in front of the dispatch of the B-1B bombers. According to the National Intelligence Service briefing to the National Assembly in Seoul, North Korea failed to detect the bombers and was not able to do anything amid the bombers flying east of the country. It is noted that two days after the U.S. bomber flight, Pyongyang tried to bolster its defense by moving aircraft to east coast. It turns out that the North is able to neither detect the B-1B bombers nor take a counter-measure due to the loose air defense system and outdated air force. Against this backdrop, the rogue regime is asserting that the United States has declared war and it will exercise its defense right out of its territorial waters. No state in the world has a right to attack aircraft of other states in international airspace.

Flying bombers beyond the NLL by the United States was an effective armed protest that sent out a strong warning to the reckless regime, which launched ballistic missiles to the east sea and even the Pacific Ocean. Pyongyang’s nonsensical rhetoric about its defense right proves the effectiveness. According to the South Korean information authorities, there is fat chance of the North making another serious provocation around its Workers’ Party foundation day. The United States seems to be considering other high-level armed protests such as a naval blockade against the North’s additional provocations. A U.S. NAVY aircraft carrier strike group led by the nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan will carry out the joint exercise with the South Korean Navy on sea areas off the Korean Peninsula next month.

While ever-escalating military tension on the Korean Peninsula is evolving from a war of words to armed protests between North Korea and the United States, the latest missile provocation vs. bomber dispatch showdown is elevating the possibility of military conflicts. Pyongyang, in particular, falsely considers making threats against the United States is the most effective defense. It also believes that completing a nuclear missile is about balancing the power with the United States. It is said, however, that the North Korean army is also being cautious to prevent accidental conflicts by ordering “report first, take actions later.” At Tuesday’s event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Oct. 4 Summit Declaration, South Korean President Moon Jae-in also stressed that North Korea must realize it has no future if it continues to threaten the world. Threats cannot conceal fear. North Korea must stop its reckless provocations and find ways to survive.