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Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 shows off future of autonomous vehicles

Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 shows off future of autonomous vehicles

Posted September. 19, 2017 07:36,   

Updated September. 19, 2017 08:33

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 being held at Messe in Frankfurt, Germany from September 12 through 24, Mercedes Benz and Audi Volkswagen revealed their own five-stage self-driving vehicle concept car and technology roadmap.

Self-driving vehicle technology is classified into five stages in terms of development. The final stage, the fifth stage, refers to the state of which the vehicle can self-drive to the destination, without the driver's intervention. Major countries and automobile industries are competing with each other aiming to commercialize the five-step technology by 2020.

The smart vision EQ fortwo, a self-driving concept car of Mercedes had no driving wheels. The driver and pedestrians communicate through the radiator grill on the front side and display on the side. They show whether the car is vacant, while providing current weather information and other news of the respective region. The EQ fortwo embedded with 30kMh storage chargeable battery can drive itself to the charging station if necessary.

Volkswagen's autonomous concept car Cedric's latest model was also introduced at the motor event. Inside the sliding door that opens right and left lays a large display and infotainment system at the place where the driver wheel and pedal are located. As with the EQ fortwo, the Volkswagen Cedric has artificial intelligence software so that the user calls the car to arrive at the front door of the user’s house.

Audi's first five-stage self-driving concept car is called "Icon." Instead of placing the headlight and lighting equipment at the front and back side, display panel is placed and designed to show various graphics and animations. The Icon lightens the way when the user has to get off the car at night time. Voice control and eye tracking system also enable a customized offering of information that the user wants.

Other carmakers also announced concepts that stretch beyond existing cars. Renault also showcased the "Symbioz" whose interior is like the living room of a home, raising the possibility of the vehicle connecting to the home to make users feel an expanded living space. Renault's Chief Competitive Officer Thierry Bollore said that the Symbioz is expected to shift the previous perception of cars.

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