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S. Korea says North Korea approaching final stages of ICBM

S. Korea says North Korea approaching final stages of ICBM

Posted September. 19, 2017 07:36,   

Updated September. 19, 2017 08:31


South Korean military believes North Korea has approached the final level of ICBM capability. It means that the North will soon secure an atmosphere re-entry technology that the ICBM can be deployed that approaches the U.S. continent within one or two years.

The South Korean Defense Ministry submitted Monday related documents to the National Assembly Defense Committee, where it, based on the analysis of North Korea's Hwasong-12 IRMB firing that the North has neared IRBM capability and final stage of ICBM. "(North Korea) will continue additional provocations including nuclear tests and missile firing to obtain nuclear capability," the ministry said. "The Pungyeri nuclear testing site in North Hamgyong Province is constantly maintaining the nuclear testing status. There is always possibility of North Korea's strategic provocations including additional ICBM firing and seventh nuclear testing, which is intended to show off the North’s nuclear warhead and projectile capability."

"Redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons and nuclear armament should take into account its impact on neighboring countries and nuclear proliferation treaty withdrawal," Defense Minister Song Young-moo told the National Assembly committee on Monday. “Tactical nuclear weapons shouldn’t be redeployed for national interest." Minister Song’s remarks seem to have changed, however, considering the Presidential Office's negative mood. On Sept. 4, the defense minister told the committee, "Redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons should be examined as one of the ways to respond to North Korea's nuclear program."