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Mexico expels N. Korean ambassador to implement UN resolutions

Mexico expels N. Korean ambassador to implement UN resolutions

Posted September. 09, 2017 07:21,   

Updated September. 09, 2017 07:43


The efforts of the international community to stop North Korea’s nuclear and missile threat are made and the Mexican government decided to expel North Korean ambassador. The Associated Press reported on Thursday that the Mexican government had declared North Korean ambassador Kim Hyong Gil persona non grata (proscription against a foreign person entering or remaining in the country) in protest at the country’s nuclear tests and missile launch and gave him 72 hours to leave the country.

In a statement, the Mexican ministry of foreign affairs said it is an expression‎ of Mexico’s "absolute rejection" of North Korea’s recent nuclear activity, describing it as a violation of the international law as well as a grave threat to Asia and the world.

The move of the Mexican government is considered to be coordinated with U.S. President Donald Trump in advance. There is much attention towards decisions of other nations whether they follow the suit of Mexico. President Trump has demanded key allies and cooperating countries of the U.S. to cut diplomatic ties with North Korea. Mexico’s decision was pretty rare given the country has not expelled any foreign ambassador since 2000.

The Mexican government has sent an administrative order to all federal government institutions to fully implement the UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea via the official gazette. The order publishes the sanctions lists of the UN Security Council and its subsidiary organs, which identify the persons or entities subject to the sanctions on North Korea since 2006. It is said that the country, however, does not consider an option to sever the relations with the North.