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Samsung's QuickDrive cuts laundry time in half

Posted August. 30, 2017 08:31,   

Updated August. 30, 2017 08:51

Samsung Electronics has developed a washing machine with both top loading and front loading functions, the first ever machine in the world consumer electronics market. Samsung said Tuesday it will unveil this new concept washing machine called "QuickDrive" at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany on September 1.

Samsung’s QuickDrive simultaneously makes possible both front loading and top loading by combining the driving plate that moves independently on the backside of the drum. The drum rotates with the drop force enables washing, while the water current force from the driving plate rotation also enables washing.

Samsung has reduced washing time by half. The cotton course that took two hours and 11 minutes has been shortened to one hour and six minutes. If the "super speed" is on, washing can be done in 39 minutes. Power consumption can also be reduced by up to 20 percent. "The product reflected voices by consumers after conducting a survey of 1,000 consumers in Germany and the U.K. who wanted a reduction in laundry time," Samsung Electronics staff said.

Though laundry time has been reduced by half, performance and clothing damage levels are maintained at the previous levels. Samsung also applied an artificial intelligence based "Curator" function. When user can set wanted finishing time, the washing machine recommends the most optimal washing course and laundry begins automatically. People not accustomed to laundry can enter the types of clothing and pollution levels and the machine recommends a customized course. A detergent supplement service will be also provided automatically through Amazon.

Ji-Hyun Kim jhk85@donga.com