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Samsung to enter digital signature B2B market with Galaxy Note’ S-Pen  

Samsung to enter digital signature B2B market with Galaxy Note’ S-Pen  

Posted August. 28, 2017 08:10,   

Updated August. 28, 2017 09:20


Samsung and Wacom of Japan will enter the digital signature market (B2B) with their "S-Pen" technology, the Galaxy Note’s iconic S Pen stylus.

Nobutaka Ide, vice president of Wacom, held a press conference on last Wednesday at the Pierre Hotel in New York and announced the plan. Established in 1987, Wacom specializes in digital pens and manufactures S-Pen for the Galaxy Note in collaboration with Samsung. It is first time that Samsung invites its partner at an official press conference after launching event for its latest products. Samsung’s move is considered to stress the unique S-Pen, a signature of the Galaxy Note series.

Wacom has manufactured more than 100 million S-Pens since the first release of the Galaxy Note in 2011. With diameter tip of 0.7 millimeters, the S-Pen recognizes pen pressure at 4,096 levels. The pen reduced to half size comparing to the initial one and its pressure recognition precision has enhanced by 16 times. Also, it is water-resistant like the Galaxy Note. Electronic Resonance (EMR) that allows user to use the Pen without charging is Wacom’s core technology.

Specifically, the S-Pen identifies writing habits of a user by recognizing writing speed and pen inclination. One may copy someone’s handwriting. However, it is difficult for a person to mimic writing habits of others. Based on this, Samsung and Wacom have decided to develop a new solution for security area, following fingerprint and iris recognition technologies.

"Many companies demand highly secured digital signature technology," said Chae Won-chul, the head of technology strategy team at Samsung’s mobile business division. "Wacom’s technology is necessary to provide products that meet such need.”

Sung-Gyu Kim sunggyu@donga.com