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Iljin Materials develops I2S elecfoil for electric vehicles

Iljin Materials develops I2S elecfoil for electric vehicles

Posted August. 17, 2017 07:36,   

Updated August. 17, 2017 08:03


Iljin Materials, the secondary battery materials affiliate of Iljin Group, has developed Elecfoil for next-generation electric vehicles.

Elecfoil is a thin copper foil measuring 10μm or less in thickness that is produced through electrolysis of copper sulfate solution. It is an essential core material that is used in electric vehicles and cathode plate of large-size secondary batteries.

The rechargeable battery industry had been striving to increase the driving range and output of electric vehicles, but had difficulties due to lack of elecfoil that withstands high temperature and high pressure, which can be generated during the production process of high-capacity and high-performance batteries.

According to Iljin Materials, I2S has been developed through eight-year research and has enhanced the capacity and output of batteries even at the same volume and weight by addressing such drawbacks. The company has completed the validation of the material as the product for next-generation electric vehicles by overseas electric car makers, after undergoing an approval process that takes more than two years.

“I2S is an integration of advanced technology that poses a high entry barrier, and the development of the material is significant in gaining the upper hand in the future materials market,” said Joo Jae-hwan, CEO of Iljin Materials. “From next year, we are expecting our sales to increase by more than 50 percent annually and our profitability to greatly improve.”

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