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Independence fighter's monument damaged by Russian extremists

Independence fighter's monument damaged by Russian extremists

Posted August. 14, 2017 07:27,   

Updated August. 14, 2017 07:36


The monument established in the Maritime Province in Russia (or Yeonhaeju) for remembering the independence activist Jang Do-bin (1888-1963) was ruined four years ago. The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs was not aware of such incident until now. As a historian and an anti-Japanese colonist fighter who sought asylum in Yeonhaeju, Jang was the first to argue that the remains of the ancient Balhae Kingdom was found there.

In an interview with the Dong-A Ilbo on Aug. 3, the chief of Alexander Cru-6-co Federal Research Center for Balhae at the Far-east Federal University of Education said, "The municipal office made its decision to transfer the Jang Do-bin monument, which was sprayed with paints around August 2013," adding, "Under the agreement with the civilian organization Korea Academic and Cultural Foundation, the monument was relocated to the Far-east Federal University of Education in October 2015."

It was also found that the cultural foundation and the university erected a monument at Lermontov Park in Ussuriysk in October 2012. According to the pictures of ruined monument, the Dong-A Ilbo found that Russian graffiti were written in red and green sprays, which said "this is a Russian soil," and "this is all lies," respectively on the front and the back. While the culprit is yet to be found, officials presume the case to be perpetrated by Russian far-right nationalists.

"We were not aware that the Jang Do-bin monument was located in Yeonhaeju," explained a ministry official in charge of managing memorials of independence movement in overseas. "While we heard the ruining activity from the university, no follow-up action was taken," said the Independence Hall of Korea under the ministry.

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