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Low budget and diversity film festival to kick-start in Suwon and Paju

Low budget and diversity film festival to kick-start in Suwon and Paju

Posted July. 26, 2017 07:22,   

Updated July. 26, 2017 07:35


The Gyeonggi provincial government announced Tuesday that it would host the first Diversity Film Festival. The event will be held in the Good Morning House in Suwon on July 28 and 29 and the Myung Films Art Center in Paju Book Complex on August 5 and 6. Diversity films refer to low budget movies with great artistic worth.

Not to mention famous Korean movies such as "The King of Jokgu," but also Japanese diversity films that all family members can enjoy including "Her Love Boils Bathwater" starring Joe Odagiri and "Dogs Without Names" will be screened. Also, GVs with directors and actors/actresses are scheduled after screening. Special events such as Musical Gala Show, where audiences can enjoy best songs from musicals, and award ceremony "My Best One-Minute" for photos that participants take will be held during the festival.

Food trucks will be placed nearby event halls. For more information on screening schedule and how to participate the festival, visit the Facebook page of Diversity Film Cinemas of Gyeonggi Province (www.facebook.com/gcinesarangbang/). The Gyeonggi Content Agency and the Gyeonggi provincial government have been engaged in G-cinema project since 2013 to facilitate the production of diversity films.

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