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'Cherubic child' vs. 'beastly child'

Posted July. 14, 2017 07:17,   

Updated July. 14, 2017 07:32


Tears are sometimes swept by enormous sorrow. It was this exact sentiment that the mother of an eight-year-old faced the 17-year-old criminal who ruthlessly killed her daughter. "They say dead children are buried forever inside their parents' hearts, but instead we chose to bury her naturally. We asked for more patience so that she could stay with us forever," said the bereaved mother who testified with utter self-control, trying her best not to show her tears in front of the offender. Rather, it was the audience whose tears never seem to stop.

The Incheon Regional District Court held the trial Thursday on the murder case involving an Incheon elementary student killed by a female teenager and made Koreans drop their jaws. The mother of the victim testified on her "cherubic kid" in order to let the criminal clearly understand how her youngest daughter was so dear to her and wanted justice. While Kim showed signs of crying, she overwhelmed the audience when she suddenly scrapped her sorrowful face as soon as the mother left the court.

Traces of haunting and bizarre acts have revealed its ugly face after the incident, which exceeded the average horror movies. It was in fact a teenage girl who dropped out of high school. She met the victim by coincidence at a park, took her home, strangled her, and even mutilated the body. Raised in a family with a medical doctor as her father, she frequently was regarded as a bright student who used to enjoy reading anatomy books since her early age. In recent days, she became an avid fan of a U.S. TV series that depicts a carnivorous lead character. Park, an online friend of Kim and who was also an accomplice, never prevented Kim from doing so even when she knew the plan in advance, and even received some pieces of the body.

Is Kim a psychopath, or a patient suffering from Asperger syndrome, a form of autism? While Kim argued "feeble mind," a professor of psychology at the court expressed his opinion that Kim could be a psychopath. It was also allegedly known from her former cell mate that Kim started to hum and indulged in Asperger syndrome books delivered by her parents as soon as she heard that her terms could be reduced once diagnosed as mental disease. Now is the time to delve into the blindspots of Korea and check how horrible these young students are becoming such beastly.