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Russia praises Trump as it did in the 2016 presidential election

Russia praises Trump as it did in the 2016 presidential election

Posted July. 11, 2017 07:40,   

Updated July. 11, 2017 07:53


Russia’s influential daily newspaper Московский комсомолец stressed the meaning of the first Summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that was held on last Friday in Hamburg, Germany. The newspaper called the meeting was historical, adding, “The two countries have determined the destiny of the world for over half a century.” The intent was to emphasize the fact that the two leaders met for the first time in Germany, a defeated nation of World War II as well as an annoying country, to criticize Germany and to appeal to the U.S.

Russian press was excited about the fact that the first meeting between the two leaders lasted for 136 minutes and got the global attention. Panels appeared on "The 60 minutes," the main weekly program of the state-owned Russian television channel Russia-1, added a meaning to the summit by saying that such a long discussion is a testament to Russia as the center of the world.

So far, Russian news media has depicted Trump as a target of criticism and mockery as he fired national security adviser Michael Flynn for alleged ties between Russia and his presidential campaign after inauguration and launched attack on Syria, a country supported by Russia, with missiles. However, the tone has shifted since last weekend and became similar to last year’s presidential election period when they praised Trump as the one of greatest presidents ever in history.

Former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev interviewed with the Italian press on last Friday and told that he remembered to have discussed on arms reduction with then U.S. President Ronald Reagan at the Reykjavik Summit. He also said that President Putin should continue to hold dialogues undauntedly.

European countries looked uncomfortable at a sign of friendly relations between the U.S. and Russia. German daily newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung strongly criticized by saying that discussing cyber security issues between Trump and Putin is likely to have an organization in which a cop speaks on bank robberies with a bank robber.

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