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Ryu Hyun-jin aims all four wins at the Freeway Series

Posted June. 28, 2017 07:20,   

Updated June. 28, 2017 07:29


Ryu Hyun-jin is aiming for his fourth win this season Thursday at the Freeway Series, referring to a competition between the two rivals of Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels, both based in Los Angeles. The name was given as the homegrounds of both teams are linked to Interstate 5 (I-5), the main Interstate Highway on the West Coast.

Dodgers and Angels will compete in four games from Tuesday to Friday. The first two games will be played at Dodgers' homeground and the remaining two at the Angel's stadium. Ryu will be on mound on Thursday, the third among four games, and the first game in Angels’ stadium.

Dominant view was that Ryu would play on Wednesday. However, Dodgers coach Dave Roberts decided to have Maeda Kenta be the starting pitcher. Laeda has shown good pitching in recent three games as he allowed only two runs in 10 innings.

This means that Ryu will be on mound after five days of rest. While playing the Major League, Ryu had marked a 3.33 ERA after resting for five days, compared to 3.67 ERA when resting for four days.

Ryu has also shown strong performance against the Angels. When he first met the Angels on May 29, 2013, Ryu pitched a shutout, and won with no losing points during seven innings on August 8, 2014. He also shows a 0.088 RRA against the Angels.

Kyu-In Hwang kini@donga.com